2012 Fun Fly Event

2012 Fun Fly Event

This year’s Fun Fly weekend was OK. There were a few items that need to be discussed at the next club meeting. Saturday, the spectator turn out was fair. Gene said that there should have been more of our members at the field to help out. Bill Graham had his hands full giving flight lessons. Several flyers showed up from Yuma.

The Pot Luck BBQ Saturday night was very nice. There was plenty to eat and great food. Gene picked up the meat at Ramey’s. In my opinion they have the best tasting carni asada in the valley. After the meal there was night flying. Charles Manger flew his little Vapor with blinking colored diodes. Archie flew his trainer with lights in the wings and fuse. During his landing approach he became disoriented and the plane crashed. He probably will have another plane built with lights for next year. This trainer was the same one that Doug lost control of a few months back because of a bad battery connection. That time the plane flew on its own for about 8 miles before landing in a beet field. They were lucky that someone found it and returned it to the Hobby Shop.

Sunday was the competition. There were 4 events that Doug carefully described to the 9 pilots. The events were the Fast and Slow, the Carrier Landing, the 20 second burn and glide, and the egg drop.

Bill Graham took first place for the Fast and Slow with a 25.05 second differential. Doug took second with a 16.82 second differential, and Archie took third with a 13.80 second differential.

Don Chrisman took first place in the carrier landing at 5ft from the line. Shane Brown was 8ft from the line for second place and Archie came in 3rd at 9 feet from the line.

Shane came in first in the 20 second burn and glide with 3 minutes 37 seconds. Don was second at 3 minutes 2 seconds, and Ronnie was third at 2 minutes 23 seconds.

Bill Graham dropped his egg the closest to the center of the field for the egg drop at 20 feet. Doug was second at 23 feet and Don was third at 29 feet from center but crashed Gene’s plane in the process.

In the end, Don and Doug tied with the most points at 12 points each. They shared 1st and second prize at $25 each. Bill took the 3rd place with 10 points for $10. The Club took in $40 from the event. The club spent $80.40 for the meat and $32.14 for supplies.

The next club meeting will be Sunday November 18 at the flying field. The meeting will start around 9am. We will be electing the new officers for next year so please show up!