Still want smoke?

smokeThis 48″+ plane took off at SEFSD in Sept.  Made two high speed pass with the est. ( by F5B pilots ) in the 150+ mph range.  Last seen going down to the west trailing SMOKE and landing in the brush near the boat parking lot.  Pilot and several others running to the point of arrival to do a hat dance and stomp the flames out before someone calls the fire department, AGAIN.  Everything inside the fuse was burnt.


Cause-the pilot only had a 12 * 12 prop and was in to much of a hurry to stop, at a hobby shop that he went past, and buy $7 10*10 prop.


Est. watts with a 10*10, 3000 (about six HP).  Watts with an 12*12, way to much.



8s 5000 45c LiPo-$100+

Neu motor & gearbox-$250+




Watching an electric airplane make smoke, priceless!