This morning at the flying field

Hey Gang, here are some pictures of what took place at the flying field this morning. We will have to see what it looks like when the sealer drys. If it is ok we will want to cover the entire landing mat.


Our Flying Field

Hi Gang,

I had a chance this afternoon to get out to the flying field to see what the strip looked like. I took some pictures of the material. It seems to me that the material is deteriorating faster than we had hoped. Look at the pictures and see what you think. John Ross or someone else had put some railroad ties on the sheet where it had come loose. That needed to be done or it might get torn all to pieces with the wind. We need to put some more staples in it and get it put back down some way. I think that there should be some kind of coating applied to the top of the mat before it is totally decomposed by the sun. The paint that John had used on the stripe protected the mat below. You go out there and decide for yourselves what you think. One of the pictures I am attaching shows how it is becoming thread bare the whole length of the one mat.