Today at the flying field

Hi Gang,

Well it didn’t rain us out today. We had a good turn out for the work party. Thank you guys, you really came through this morning! We applied all 27 pails of the Black Jack 700 sealer. We calculated almost perfect for what we needed. Well we were only off by 50%. Yea yea yea, we managed to get half of the flying field coated. That was a good morning workout. I am attaching the pictures I took this morning for all of you to look at. We will need to buy about the same amount of material to finish the job. I will go to Lowe’s this coming week and see what I can get to finish with. It was a very nice day to apply the goop since it never really got hot hot hot. After the material was applied the gang had a semi, non formal, non scheduled, unplanned meeting. I didn’t record the minutes. Gene Folger asked the guys what they wanted to do about another Fun Fly. Doug said it should maybe be in April before the winds blow. Gene also asked if we should participate in the cross country RC flight that is planned for next year. He is going to contact the guys that are setting up the event to see what kind of airplane they will be using and other details. Mark Gaddis and I worked a little on the pump. We think we figured out that the suction line will need to be completely replaced. There may be holes in it allowing air to get in. That causes the pump to loose prime. Anyway the weather outside my window now looks like all Hell is about to break loose! I need to send this before the power goes off or lightning fries my computer again! Alvin

18 August, 2013 08:39

Oops, touch and go’s are deadly. Guess flying my downwind at 10 feet doing rolls was not a good ideal………….