Work Party Today

Hey Gang,

I am attaching some pictures to this email to show what we did today at the flying field. We had a nice day to apply the asphalt sealer. We finished the East half of the runway so the job is now complete. Well it is complete unless we want to coat the taxiways too. Gene went home and brought back his pressure washer. We tried using push brooms to remove silt on the runway but that was a waste of time. I was having trouble with the club’s pump engine. It would only fire on 1 cylinder and the carb was dumping fuel in the engine. After it ran for 10 minutes or so it cleaned up and ran fine. Gene was then able use run his pressure washer and almost finish the clean up with it. Almost. His pressure washer engine quit so he had to revert to the garden hose with a finger over its end method. Anyway we got most of what we had set out to do finished. After the work Gene, and Kevin flew their electric planes and Shane practiced flipping his helicopters.


New toy

After a great day of flying I came home to work on the Sbach. It will be 25% with a 30cc motor and around 10 lbs. Just waiting on a dual servo arm and the motor which should be here this week.