Club Meetings

The minutes from each meeting will be added to this page.

IVRCA Meeting

May 6, 2012

Vice President Douglas Backerby called the meeting to order at 9:10 am. There were 8 members in attendance: Ronnie Jones, Douglas Blackerby, Alvin Holdridge, Manuel Lugo, Mark Gaddis, Archie McCarty, Harry Casey, and Ray Hernandez.

Sec/Tres Alvin Holdridge read the minutes from the last meeting.

There was a brief discussion of the last meeting’s business before preceding..

Doug brought up the fact that nothing had been done about the fence. He mentioned that Gene Folger had suggested it might be easier to just install 3 more gates in the fence rather than removing the fence south of the tables. Mark Gaddis wondered if the fence didn’t add a bit of security to the field. Archie McCarty said it did not. Doug said he had discussed some ideas with Kevin who has a fence company.

They wondered if the fence material could be used to extend the south sides of the field fence. Mark said that we should draw a sketch of what needed to be done. Doug said he would talk to Kevin again. Installation of the pilots boxes and the possible removal of the fence posts would be postponed until the Fall when the weather is cooler.

Alvin told the members that he was contacted by Glenn Freire who said he was setting up this year’s Aviation Day at the Imperial Airport. He said that the event is scheduled for October 27 from 9am to 3pm. Anyone interested can look it up in Facebook by looking under Aviation Day/ Imperial County Airport. Glenn said that the club could have 3 spaces, where we were 2 years ago, for $50. Alvin said that someone needed to contact the airport to verify the event since Dennis Schwettmann said that he was not sure Glenn knew what he was talking about.

Alvin said that he had given a Treasurer’s report from last year to Doug and Gene Folger. He wondered if anything was done about reporting to the IRS and State.

Mark Gaddis said that he felt the #1 problem the club is having now is getting new members. He also said that he wondered if it would be OK to push some more brush back to the west to enlarge the car track. He said he will be renting a backhoe later and could use it to do some work at the field. Doug mentioned that some of the guys wanted the car track re-surfaced. Mark said that that was a job that had to be done by hand.

Doug made a motion to close the meeting and Mark seconded the motion. The meeting was over at 9:50am.

IVRCA Club Meeting

June 3, 2012

members in attendance are:

New Business
Fence installed was brought up again and Gene Williams made a motion to keep the fence and install gates.
Mike Machut seconded the motion and the vote was taken
The vote was unanimous with the persons present and the motioned carried 11 to 0 in favor of the motion.
The discussion is to put 2 gates in the middle of each section,
Business for the next meeting will include reports from: Mike Machut,Gene Williams and Cliff King on the cost of gates
Cliff King is getting quotes for insurance on the field for vandalism
Mike Machut is getting quotes for steel to build 4 new tables (2 for shade and 2 for the pit areas)
Gene Folger will be making spread sheets showing maintenance costs and project costs so everyone is aware of the costs of the club to maintain the field
Luis Wong will be getting quotes to install a starting system for big planes (this is a safety issue for persons starting large planes alone)


Imperial Valley Radio Control Association Club
Meeting July 8, 2012

Club President Gene Folger called the meeting to order at 7:12pm. There were 7 members present. The members attending were: Alvin Holdridge,Gene Folger, Mike Machut, Gene Williams, Clifford King, Charlie Manger and Shane Brown The Next Club Meeting will be August 5 at 7:00pm in Gene and Lori’s home.

Alvin read the minutes from the last meeting. The first topic of discussion was the idea of installing some type of posts to support large scale aircraft when starting. Luis Wong had sent the members an email with pictures showing how it could be done. Various ideas were discussed and the members decided that posts about 4 feet apart at the south ends of the taxi ways would work best. The planes would be pointed south when started, then pulled back and turned around to taxi out to the strip. Next we discussed the cost of new shade fence gates. Mick Machut found a 10′ double swing gate for $152 at Home Depot that could be used for the 2 gates 5′ at each end of the fence. He had no price on hardware. Cliff King said that it was hard to get any information on prices from All Valley Fence. Gene Williams said that we would need caps, and at least a post to brace the swing gates. He wasn’t sure what materials were left over at the field that could be used. They will check to see what else will be needed and prices. Clifford King talked to an insurance agent about insurance for the field. He was told that for $15000 property and 3 million liability they would want $1100 per year. Gene said we should just get a quote for insurance to cover vandalism. Clifford said he had talked to several people about liability on BLM property. He was wondering if AMA would cover some non member hurting himself at the field. AMA will need to be contacted to see what is covered. Charlie Manger wondered if NO TRESSPASSING signs needed to be placed all around the strip. Shane Brown said that the fence may be hard to see if someone at night were to ride through. Mike said that reflectors or reflector tape could be put on the fence. The cost to build 4 new tables was discussed. Gene Williams said that he had a quote for metal and each table with plywood on top would be about $150. for a total of $600. Tables would be arranged with 1 at each side of the taxiway and 2 on the west end. Alvin said that the club has just over $1400 in its account. Gene Folger said that we needed to decide which project to start first. The guys said that the shade fence gates should be first, then the large scale plane starting posts second. The flight boxes will be considered at a later time. Gene wondered what we thought of a invitational fly in rather than the regular fun fly the next time. We could offer dry over night camping, and have the pilot fee include a carnie asada meal. Gene Williams said that we need to contact AMA to have the event posted in the magazine asap. The guys felt that the event needed to be in the last of October or first of November. Gene Folger said that Tucson may want to have a IMAC event at our strip. Mike Machut said he will contact Yuma to see how their schedule aligns with ours. Charlie Manger made a motion to close the meeting and Gene Folger seconded the motion. The meeting ended at 8:17 pm.

IVRCA Club meeting

September 9, 2012

Vice President Douglas Blackerby called the meeting to order at 7 pm. The meeting was held at Gene and Lori Folger’s home. There were 9 members present during the meeting.

The first topic to be discussed was the Pilot’s boxes at the field. Mike Machut said that one gate in the center of the safety fence would be enough. Doug asked if he had a cost estimate and Mike said that there may be enough material at the field already. Mike said that there were 2 bars placed where he thought the gate should be located for members to look at and decide. Chris McClure said he could make a gate for the club rather than buying a gate. Archie McCarty said that if the club members could ever decide what needed to be done he could get Kevin Johnston to help build it.

Doug said that the next topic of discussion was the Club’s Website. He said that Gene Folger wanted to know what everyone thought about the new site. Alvin explained a little about the site. Alvin put several photos in the website. Several members wondered why we didn’t have any good aerial photos of the strip and Charlie Manger said he had some that Dennis Schwettmann had taken. He said he would get them posted on the site. Shane Brown then explained more about the site. He said that it is a blog style website. We purchased an infrastructure for $99 per year. Sections are categorized. Shane asked members to post on the website. He also told members that they could send him what that they want him to post. Alvin wondered how long old posts should remain on the site before being removed. He also wondered how much personal information about members should be on the site. Shane said that he was posting as many up coming events as he could find. He said that members need to join the membership of the website. Alvin said that members can also go to the library to use computers there to go on the website. Members can start a blog and anyone can comment. Shane said that videos can be posted on the website too. Shane felt that there should be a page that tells members what will be going on each weekend at the field.

Doug said that the club had 2 up coming funflys planned. He said that a Mall Show before one of the funflys was planned. November 17 and 18 were the dates that most members had chosen in the club’s website poll. A motion was made and seconded to set November 17 and 18 as the funfly date. The vote was unanimously for that date. Shane said that Aviation Day at the Imperial Airport will be October 27. Doug asked the members if maybe the date for the funfly should be moved to follow the Aviation Day by one week. That would make the funfly come on November 3 and 4th. Doug made a motion to change the date for the funfly from November 17 and 18 to Nov 3 and 4. Mike Machut seconded the motion. The vote that followed was all in favor of the new date. This will make it easier for the club to get interested individuals to come out on the following weekend. Doug said that advertising should start 3 to 4 weeks before the funfly event. Alvin said that someone should contact the Boy Scouts to see if they will be able to cook again this year. Doug said that there will be at least 2 trainers at the field for Saturday. Saturday will be a free fly day. Gene may also have the Ultrastick trainer ready Archie said. Chris McClure said he could bring a Multiplex Mentor to be used as a trainer. The members talked about what kind of events should be on Sunday. Doug said he wanted to have competition events on Sunday. Doug said that during the next meeting we will need to finalize all the funfly events. Clifford King said he will contact John Ross to see if he can find out if the Boy Scouts will be able to cook on Sunday during the event. The gang said they would like a potluck with carni asada on Saturday night. Clifford wondered if some other meat cut would be cheaper. Chris McClure said he could get a good deal on the meat. Doug said he will contact Mark Gaddis and see what the RC car gang want to do for the funfly.

Chris McClure mentioned that there is a new CO at the Navy Base. Charlie Manger said that the agreement our club has with the Navy Base was changed slightly and needed to be signed by our President. Gene Folger will look it over when he returns to the valley. Shane said that the “Call the Navy Base before flying rule” should be posted on the website.

Clifford King gave a report on the club’s insurance. He said most insurance companies will not sell the club liability insurance for anything less than $800 per year. He read the AMA insurance coverage and said he thought that it would not cover our club if a non-AMA person were to injure himself at the field. Clifford said that there is a “special wording” that can be added to the AMA policy. Alvin said that we paid AMA to have that added for one day when we had the Mall Show. Clifford felt that we should check into seeing what it would take to get insurance to cover all non-members. Clifford said he will call the AMA and see if they can explain the insurance coverage to him. Shane said that we should contact other clubs to see what they have for insurance.

Mike Machut said that the flying field needed some maintenance. He said that more staples are needed and some sweeping of loose sand should be done. Mike said that some of the seams need to be resealed.

The next meeting will be Sunday October 7 at the flying field at 8 am in the morning.

Archie made a motion to close the meeting and Charlie Manger seconded it. The meeting closed at 8:55pm.

IVRCA Club Meeting
October 7, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 8:15 with 7 members present at the flying field.

Alvin Holdridge summarized the minutes from the last meeting.
Alvin then told the club that he contacted the Boy Scouts leader and asked him if the Scouts would be able to serve food at the fun fly. The leader said he will contact the club before Thursday. Mark Gaddis said that the club should try to sign up more pilots for this fun fly.

Douglas Blackerby said that we need to have several planes for the Aviation Day October 27 at the airport. He asked the members what planes they will be able to bring. We will also need tables and chairs. Gene Williams said that we should contact someone like the Party Store to see about renting some tables. Archie McCarty said he will ask around and see what he can find out. It was mentioned that the toilets needed to be cleaned. The members wondered if toilets could be rented that had hand washing facilities attached.

Doug presented a list of possible events for the fun fly. It was decided that the 4 most popular events would be:
1. The egg drop
2. Carrier Landing
3. Fast and Slow
4. The 20 second burn and glide

Doug said that no one would be allowed to use the timers on their radios during the competition if we chose to also have the 60 second flight. Alvin said that a great spectator event would be a combat flight competition. Doug said that only one airplane would be allowed for each pilot for all the events. The egg drop would consist of a bag of flower instead of dropping an egg on the runway. Doug also said that we would need an announcer during the events. Archie wondered what we should charge for the competition. The members agreed to a $10 fee to cover all 4 events. The fee will be used to cover the prizes. Doug said he will figure out a point system for the events. Ronnie Jones said he will take care of the sign up sheet during the fun fly. Alvin said that we should contact the Yuma Club.

Manuel Lugo mentioned a safety issue. He said that even though some of the members were using the 2.4Ghz frequency, they still needed to turn off their airplanes when they put them on the tables. One member forgot and started to fly his other plane. The one on the table also tried to fly.

Gene Williams wondered if there shouldn’t be a section of the club’s website that is strictly for members only. He asked Shane Brown if that was possible. He thought that some things like the club minutes should be for the members only. Gene also wondered why our club website was not listed on some of the RC web site lists. Shane said that we needed to add our site to the AMA web site. Shane said that he was not sure how to limit non members to our site.

Doug made a motion to end the meeting and Shane seconded it. The meeting ended at 9:15am.

IVRCA Meeting
November 18, 2012

President Gene Folger called the meeting to order at 9:25am. There were 11 members present.
Alvin Holdridge read the minutes from the last meeting. Our club has a new member, John Kierepka from Heber. Yuma will have a fun fly coming up in December. There is a flier posted on the bulletin board with contact information.

Alvin and Gene then presented their ideas about having nicer restrooms at the flying field.
Gene asked the members to look around and come up with some ideas of their own. Maybe we can make a much nicer facility than the poor old smelly outhouses we now use. The gang were asked to consider portable and more permanent designs.

Gene asked the club members to decide on who they wanted for next year’s officers. The attending members asked Gene to remain as president with Doug Blackerby as vice-president. No vote was taken so all officers will remain the same next year.

Club dues were the next topic discussed. It was determined that membership for new and existing members will remain $75. The fee will be split into two parts for the treasury record. $40 will be the annual dues that go into the club checking account for all expenses. $35 will be held separate as a field maintenance fee to pay for new landing strip material in the future.

Gene Folger then asked the guys to contact all the members they see and have them come on out to the field to fly. Gene asked if there should be more Mall Shows. Mark Gaddis said that maybe we should start thinking “outside the box” to get new members in the club. Bill Graham had an idea to have every other Saturday as a “Training” day to get more public interest in the club.

Gene Folger wondered what the gang wanted to do for a Christmas party. He offered to have the party at his home again this year and everyone liked the idea. Friday evening December 14 at 7pm was chosen for the party. There will be a “White Elephant” gift exchange like last year. The party will be a Pot Luck style so everyone that plans to attend needs to call Lori Folger and let her know who is coming and what they are bringing. Please call Lori at 619-961-7279. Her email is .

Chris McClure reminded Gene that the Navy Base wanted a flying agreement signed asap. Gene said that there needed to be some changes made before he would sign their agreement. Chris said he will tell the people in charge what we require.

The meeting ended at 10:35am.

IVRCA Meeting
February 10, 2013

Club President Gene Folger called the meeting to order at 9:50 AM. There were 10 members present.

Sec/Tres Alvin Holdridge read the minutes from the last meeting in November. Alvin then gave the treasurer’s report. He said that the club had $2318.19 in the checking account before paying the AMA $90 to re-charter the club.

New Business:
Gene Folger asked the club members what they thought about issuing new membership cards. The group discussed what information should be on the new cards. John Rowlett showed the membership card he has for the club he belongs to up north. Their club issued a new sticker each year to attach to the current AMA membership card that would indicate club membership. The stickers were attached to the face of the AMA card and were a different color each year. It was suggested that the car club members will need a club card since they do not have the AMA card. Gene also suggested that the gate combination should be changed each year and issued to each member after their dues were paid. The members agreed. March 1 will be the date that the combination gets changed. All current members will be notified of the new number. Ronnie Jones liked the idea of having the combination on the membership card in case a member forgets the number. Gene said he would talk to Alvin and see what kind of card or sticker arrangement would work best. Alvin said that the new cards and stickers could probably be left at the Hobby Shop for the members to pickup. Gene asked Alvin to send an email to the members and notify them of the changes.

Gene asked the members to think of a good date for the next Mall Show. Gene wondered if March would be the month for a show and a Fun Fly. Gene asked that the next club meeting be the first Sunday in March, which is March 3rd. Gene said he would contact the Mall to find out if we can have a Mall Show on March 23 or 30. He wondered if the Fun Fly should follow the mall show the next day. He also said that we need to decide if there should be contest events or just an open fly day. Manuel Lugo said that when we decide the date for the events there should be advertising. Alvin said he would put together a flier as soon as a decision is made.

Gene made a motion to end the meeting and Ronnie Jones seconded it. The meeting ended at
10:20 AM.

IVRCA Meeting  March 3, 2013

 Club President Gene Folger called the meeting to order at 9:02am. There were 11 members present.  Tres/Sec Alvin Holdridge read the minutes from the last meeting on Feb. 10, 2013.

 Gene Williams wondered if the Blue Angles were still going to have an air show in the coming week. No one knew for sure. Alvin said that he and Gene Folger decided that new club cards should be made for all members. Gene Folger said that he has an appointment to meet with the Mall staff to discuss which date would work for our club’s mall show. The Club had planned on either Saturday March 23 or 30 for the show with the following Sunday as a Fun Fly day. Gene said that he thought that a fun fly with no competition would be easier and may be better for training new prospective club members. Gene figured that an invitation paper should be made and handed out to people at the mall show. Those that came out to the flying field with the paper would have the opportunity to be instructed on a trainer. This would indicate to the club just how many people actually came from the mall show. Gene wanted to know how many members would be taking planes and cars to the show. He also asked how many would be able to stay to monitor the show.

Gene Folger said that the flying field needed maintenance. He also said that many of the members were not able to show up for work parties. He asked the club if it wouldn’t be a good idea for the club to wave the dues for John Ross since he would be doing a larger portion of the field maintenance. Gene made a motion for that and Mike Machut seconded the motion. The vote was unanimously in favor of the idea. John said that he would get started installing a walk through gate at the flight line fence.

Doug Blackerby wondered when a new gate lock combination would be issued. Gene Folger said that as soon as the new membership cards were made and ready to be send out the gate combination would be changed. A note with the cards would ask all members to Not Give Out the new combination to anyone. Gene said that he wanted all members to have in their possession the club card. The card would indicate membership without question. If someone you don’t know is using the facility, and when asked does not present their club card, then you need to tell them to leave. They can join the club, pay their dues and help keep a nice facility like the rest of the club members.

Gene Folger made a motion to close the meeting and John Ross seconded the motion. The meeting adjourned at 9:25am.

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