October 7 Minutes

IVRCA Club Meeting
October 7, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 8:15 with 7 members present at the flying field.

Alvin Holdridge summarized the minutes from the last meeting.
Alvin then told the club that he contacted the Boy Scouts leader and asked him if the Scouts would be able to serve food at the fun fly. The leader said he will contact the club before Thursday. Mark Gaddis said that the club should try to sign up more pilots for this fun fly.

Douglas Blackerby said that we need to have several planes for the Aviation Day October 27 at the airport. He asked the members what planes they will be able to bring. We will also need tables and chairs. Gene Williams said that we should contact someone like the Party Store to see about renting some tables. Archie McCarty said he will ask around and see what he can find out. It was mentioned that the toilets needed to be cleaned. The members wondered if toilets could be rented that had hand washing facilities attached.

Doug presented a list of possible events for the fun fly. It was decided that the 4 most popular events would be:
1. The egg drop
2. Carrier Landing
3. Fast and Slow
4. The 20 second burn and glide

Doug said that no one would be allowed to use the timers on their radios during the competition if we chose to also have the 60 second flight. Alvin said that a great spectator event would be a combat flight competition. Doug said that only one airplane would be allowed for each pilot for all the events. The egg drop would consist of a bag of flower instead of dropping an egg on the runway. Doug also said that we would need an announcer during the events. Archie wondered what we should charge for the competition. The members agreed to a $10 fee to cover all 4 events. The fee will be used to cover the prizes. Doug said he will figure out a point system for the events. Ronnie Jones said he will take care of the sign up sheet during the fun fly. Alvin said that we should contact the Yuma Club.

Manuel Lugo mentioned a safety issue. He said that even though some of the members were using the 2.4Ghz frequency, they still needed to turn off their airplanes when they put them on the tables. One member forgot and started to fly his other plane. The one on the table also tried to fly.

Gene Williams wondered if there shouldn’t be a section of the club’s website that is strictly for members only. He asked Shane Brown if that was possible. He thought that some things like the club minutes should be for the members only. Gene also wondered why our club website was not listed on some of the RC web site lists. Shane said that we needed to add our site to the AMA web site. Shane said that he was not sure how to limit non members to our site.

Doug made a motion to end the meeting and Shane seconded it. The meeting ended at 9:15am.

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