February 10, 2013

IVRCA Meeting
February 10, 2013

Club President Gene Folger called the meeting to order at 9:50 AM. There were 10 members present.

Sec/Tres Alvin Holdridge read the minutes from the last meeting in November. Alvin then gave the treasurer’s report. He said that the club had $2318.19 in the checking account before paying the AMA $90 to re-charter the club.

New Business:
Gene Folger asked the club members what they thought about issuing new membership cards. The group discussed what information should be on the new cards. John Rowlett showed the membership card he has for the club he belongs to up north. Their club issued a new sticker each year to attach to the current AMA membership card that would indicate club membership. The stickers were attached to the face of the AMA card and were a different color each year. It was suggested that the car club members will need a club card since they do not have the AMA card. Gene also suggested that the gate combination should be changed each year and issued to each member after their dues were paid. The members agreed. March 1 will be the date that the combination gets changed. All current members will be notified of the new number. Ronnie Jones liked the idea of having the combination on the membership card in case a member forgets the number. Gene said he would talk to Alvin and see what kind of card or sticker arrangement would work best. Alvin said that the new cards and stickers could probably be left at the Hobby Shop for the members to pickup. Gene asked Alvin to send an email to the members and notify them of the changes.

Gene asked the members to think of a good date for the next Mall Show. Gene wondered if March would be the month for a show and a Fun Fly. Gene asked that the next club meeting be the first Sunday in March, which is March 3rd. Gene said he would contact the Mall to find out if we can have a Mall Show on March 23 or 30. He wondered if the Fun Fly should follow the mall show the next day. He also said that we need to decide if there should be contest events or just an open fly day. Manuel Lugo said that when we decide the date for the events there should be advertising. Alvin said he would put together a flier as soon as a decision is made.

Gene made a motion to end the meeting and Ronnie Jones seconded it. The meeting ended at
10:20 AM.

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