July Meeting Minutes

Imperial Valley Radio Control Association Club Meeting July 8, 2012

Club President Gene Folger called the meeting to order at 7:12pm.  There were 7 members present. The members attending were: Alvin Holdridge,Gene Folger, Mike Machut, Gene Williams, Clifford King, Charlie Manger and Shane Brown The Next Club Meeting will be August 5 at 7:00pm in Gene and Lori’s home.

Alvin read the minutes from the last meeting.      The first topic of discussion was the idea of installing some type of posts to support large scale aircraft when starting.  Luis Wong had sent the members an email with pictures showing how it could be done.  Various ideas were discussed and the members decided that posts about 4 feet apart at the south ends of the taxi ways would work best.  The planes would be pointed south when started, then pulled back and turned around to taxi out to the strip.      Next we discussed the cost of new shade fence gates.  Mick Machut found a 10′ double swing gate for $152 at Home Depot that could be used for the 2 gates 5′ at each end of the fence.   He had no price on hardware. Cliff King said that it was hard to get any information on prices from All Valley Fence.  Gene Williams said that we would need caps, and at least a post to brace the swing gates.  He wasn’t sure what materials were left over at the field that could be used.  They will check to see what else will be needed and prices.      Clifford King talked to an insurance agent about insurance for the field.  He was told that for $15000 property and 3 million liability they would want $1100 per year.  Gene said we should just get a quote for insurance to cover vandalism.  Clifford said he had talked to several people about liability on BLM property.  He was wondering if AMA would cover some non member hurting himself at the field.  AMA will need to be contacted to see what is covered.  Charlie Manger wondered if NO TRESSPASSING signs needed to be placed all around the strip.  Shane Brown said that the fence may be hard to see if someone at night were to ride through.  Mike said that reflectors or reflector tape could be put on the fence.      The cost to build 4 new tables was discussed.  Gene Williams said that he had a quote for metal and each table with plywood on top would be about $150.  for a total of $600.  Tables would be arranged with 1 at each side of the taxiway and 2 on the west end.  Alvin said that the club has just over $1400 in its account.      Gene Folger said that we needed to decide which project to start first.  The guys said that the shade fence gates should be first, then the large scale plane starting posts second.  The flight boxes will be considered at a later time.      Gene wondered what we thought of a invitational fly in rather than the regular fun fly the next time.  We could offer dry over night camping, and have the pilot fee include a carnie asada meal. Gene Williams said that we need to contact AMA to have the event posted in the magazine asap.  The guys felt that the event needed to be in the last of October or first of November. Gene Folger said that Tucson may want to have a IMAC event at our strip.  Mike Machut said he will contact Yuma to see how their schedule aligns with ours.     Charlie Manger made a motion to close the meeting and Gene Folger seconded the motion.  The meeting ended at 8:17 pm.

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