March 3, 2013 Meeting

IVRCA Meeting

March 3, 2013

Club President Gene Folger called the meeting to order at 9:02am. There were 11 members present.

Tres/Sec Alvin Holdridge read the minutes from the last meeting on Feb. 10, 2013.

Gene Williams wondered if the Blue Angles were still going to have an air show in the coming week. No one knew for sure. Alvin said that he and Gene Folger decided that new club cards should be made for all members. Gene Folger said that he has an appointment to meet with the Mall staff to discuss which date would work for our club’s mall show. The Club had planned on either Saturday March 23 or 30 for the show with the following Sunday as a Fun Fly day. Gene said that he thought that a fun fly with no competition would be easier and may be better for training new prospective club members. Gene figured that an invitation paper should be made and handed out to people at the mall show. Those that came out to the flying field with the paper would have the opportunity to be instructed on a trainer. This would indicate to the club just how many people actually came from the mall show. Gene wanted to know how many members would be taking planes and cars to the show. He also asked how many would be able to stay to monitor the show.

Gene Folger said that the flying field needed maintenance. He also said that many of the members were not able to show up for work parties. He asked the club if it wouldn’t be a good idea for the club to wave the dues for John Ross since he would be doing a larger portion of the field maintenance. Gene made a motion for that and Mike Machut seconded the motion. The vote was unanimously in favor of the idea. John said that he would get started installing a walk through gate at the flight line fence.

Doug Blackerby wondered when a new gate lock combination would be issued. Gene Folger said that as soon as the new membership cards were made and ready to be send out the gate combination would be changed. A note with the cards would ask all members to Not Give Out the new combination to anyone. Gene said that he wanted all members to have in their possession the club card. The card would indicate membership without question. If someone you don’t know is using the facility, and when asked does not present their club card, then you need to tell them to leave. They can join the club, pay their dues and help keep a nice facility like the rest of the club members.

Gene Folger made a motion to close the meeting and John Ross seconded the motion. The meeting adjourned at 9:25am.

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