May Meeting Minutes

IVRCA Meeting

May 6, 2012

Vice President Douglas Backerby called the meeting to order at 9:10 am. There were 8 members in attendance: Ronnie Jones, Douglas Blackerby, Alvin Holdridge, Manuel Lugo, Mark Gaddis, Archie McCarty, Harry Casey, and Ray Hernandez.

Sec/Tres Alvin Holdridge read the minutes from the last meeting.

There was a brief discussion of the last meeting’s business before preceding..

Doug brought up the fact that nothing had been done about the fence. He mentioned that Gene Folger had suggested it might be easier to just install 3 more gates in the fence rather than removing the fence south of the tables. Mark Gaddis wondered if the fence didn’t add a bit of security to the field. Archie McCarty said it did not. Doug said he had discussed some ideas with Kevin who has a fence company.

They wondered if the fence material could be used to extend the south sides of the field fence. Mark said that we should draw a sketch of what needed to be done. Doug said he would talk to Kevin again. Installation of the pilots boxes and the possible removal of the fence posts would be postponed until the Fall when the weather is cooler.

Alvin told the members that he was contacted by Glenn Freire who said he was setting up this year’s Aviation Day at the Imperial Airport. He said that the event is scheduled for October 27 from 9am to 3pm. Anyone interested can look it up in Facebook by looking under Aviation Day/ Imperial County Airport. Glenn said that the club could have 3 spaces, where we were 2 years ago, for $50. Alvin said that someone needed to contact the airport to verify the event since Dennis Schwettmann said that he was not sure Glenn knew what he was talking about.

Alvin said that he had given a Treasurer’s report from last year to Doug and Gene Folger. He wondered if anything was done about reporting to the IRS and State.

Mark Gaddis said that he felt the #1 problem the club is having now is getting new members. He also said that he wondered if it would be OK to push some more brush back to the west to enlarge the car track. He said he will be renting a backhoe later and could use it to do some work at the field. Doug mentioned that some of the guys wanted the car track re-surfaced. Mark said that that was a job that had to be done by hand.

Doug made a motion to close the meeting and Mark seconded the motion. The meeting was over at 9:50am.

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