November 18 Meeting

IVRCA Meeting
November 18, 2012

President Gene Folger called the meeting to order at 9:25am. There were 11 members present.
Alvin Holdridge read the minutes from the last meeting. Our club has a new member, John Kierepka from Heber. Yuma will have a fun fly coming up in December. There is a flier posted on the bulletin board with contact information.

Alvin and Gene then presented their ideas about having nicer restrooms at the flying field.
Gene asked the members to look around and come up with some ideas of their own. Maybe we can make a much nicer facility than the poor old smelly outhouses we now use. The gang were asked to consider portable and more permanent designs.

Gene asked the club members to decide on who they wanted for next year’s officers. The attending members asked Gene to remain as president with Doug Blackerby as vice-president. No vote was taken so all officers will remain the same next year.

Club dues were the next topic discussed. It was determined that membership for new and existing members will remain $75. The fee will be split into two parts for the treasury record. $40 will be the annual dues that go into the club checking account for all expenses. $35 will be held separate as a field maintenance fee to pay for new landing strip material in the future.

Gene Folger then asked the guys to contact all the members they see and have them come on out to the field to fly. Gene asked if there should be more Mall Shows. Mark Gaddis said that maybe we should start thinking “outside the box” to get new members in the club. Bill Graham had an idea to have every other Saturday as a “Training” day to get more public interest in the club.

Gene Folger wondered what the gang wanted to do for a Christmas party. He offered to have the party at his home again this year and everyone liked the idea. Friday evening December 14 at 7pm was chosen for the party. There will be a “White Elephant” gift exchange like last year. The party will be a Pot Luck style so everyone that plans to attend needs to call Lori Folger and let her know who is coming and what they are bringing. Please call Lori at 619-961-7279. Her email is .

Chris McClure reminded Gene that the Navy Base wanted a flying agreement signed asap. Gene said that there needed to be some changes made before he would sign their agreement. Chris said he will tell the people in charge what we require.

The meeting ended at 10:35am.

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