Sept Meeting Minutes

IVRCA Club meeting

September 9, 2012

Vice President Douglas Blackerby called the meeting to order at 7 pm. The meeting was held at Gene and Lori Folger’s home. There were 9 members present during the meeting.

The first topic to be discussed was the Pilot’s boxes at the field. Mike Machut said that one gate in the center of the safety fence would be enough. Doug asked if he had a cost estimate and Mike said that there may be enough material at the field already. Mike said that there were 2 bars placed where he thought the gate should be located for members to look at and decide. Chris McClure said he could make a gate for the club rather than buying a gate. Archie McCarty said that if the club members could ever decide what needed to be done he could get Kevin Johnston to help build it.

Doug said that the next topic of discussion was the Club’s Website. He said that Gene Folger wanted to know what everyone thought about the new site. Alvin explained a little about the site. Alvin put several photos in the website. Several members wondered why we didn’t have any good aerial photos of the strip and Charlie Manger said he had some that Dennis Schwettmann had taken. He said he would get them posted on the site. Shane Brown then explained more about the site. He said that it is a blog style website. We purchased an infrastructure for $99 per year. Sections are categorized. Shane asked members to post on the website. He also told members that they could send him what that they want him to post. Alvin wondered how long old posts should remain on the site before being removed. He also wondered how much personal information about members should be on the site. Shane said that he was posting as many up coming events as he could find. He said that members need to join the membership of the website. Alvin said that members can also go to the library to use computers there to go on the website. Members can start a blog and anyone can comment. Shane said that videos can be posted on the website too. Shane felt that there should be a page that tells members what will be going on each weekend at the field.

Doug said that the club had 2 up coming funflys planned. He said that a Mall Show before one of the funflys was planned. November 17 and 18 were the dates that most members had chosen in the club’s website poll. A motion was made and seconded to set November 17 and 18 as the funfly date. The vote was unanimously for that date. Shane said that Aviation Day at the Imperial Airport will be October 27. Doug asked the members if maybe the date for the funfly should be moved to follow the Aviation Day by one week. That would make the funfly come on November 3 and 4th. Doug made a motion to change the date for the funfly from November 17 and 18 to Nov 3 and 4. Mike Machut seconded the motion. The vote that followed was all in favor of the new date. This will make it easier for the club to get interested individuals to come out on the following weekend. Doug said that advertising should start 3 to 4 weeks before the funfly event. Alvin said that someone should contact the Boy Scouts to see if they will be able to cook again this year. Doug said that there will be at least 2 trainers at the field for Saturday. Saturday will be a free fly day. Gene may also have the Ultrastick trainer ready Archie said. Chris McClure said he could bring a Multiplex Mentor to be used as a trainer. The members talked about what kind of events should be on Sunday. Doug said he wanted to have competition events on Sunday. Doug said that during the next meeting we will need to finalize all the funfly events. Clifford King said he will contact John Ross to see if he can find out if the Boy Scouts will be able to cook on Sunday during the event. The gang said they would like a potluck with carni asada on Saturday night. Clifford wondered if some other meat cut would be cheaper. Chris McClure said he could get a good deal on the meat. Doug said he will contact Mark Gaddis and see what the RC car gang want to do for the funfly.

Chris McClure mentioned that there is a new CO at the Navy Base. Charlie Manger said that the agreement our club has with the Navy Base was changed slightly and needed to be signed by our President. Gene Folger will look it over when he returns to the valley. Shane said that the “Call the Navy Base before flying rule” should be posted on the website.

Clifford King gave a report on the club’s insurance. He said most insurance companies will not sell the club liability insurance for anything less than $800 per year. He read the AMA insurance coverage and said he thought that it would not cover our club if a non-AMA person were to injure himself at the field. Clifford said that there is a “special wording” that can be added to the AMA policy. Alvin said that we paid AMA to have that added for one day when we had the Mall Show. Clifford felt that we should check into seeing what it would take to get insurance to cover all non-members. Clifford said he will call the AMA and see if they can explain the insurance coverage to him. Shane said that we should contact other clubs to see what they have for insurance.

Mike Machut said that the flying field needed some maintenance. He said that more staples are needed and some sweeping of loose sand should be done. Mike said that some of the seams need to be resealed.

The next meeting will be Sunday October 7 at the flying field at 8 am in the morning.

Archie made a motion to close the meeting and Charlie Manger seconded it. The meeting closed at 8:55pm.

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