Installing New Landing Strip

RC Car Track

Mark Gaddis is hard at work designing and building the RC car race track.

John Ross used his Toyota Land Cruiser to pull the heavy roller that smoothed the ground before the mat material was applied.

Gene Williams, Mark Gaddis, Ronnie Jones and Steve Heinze stopped work long enough to smile for a picture.

In the foreground Mark Gaddis checked the elevation of the ground with his rod while Doug Blackerby watched. Gene Williams and Ronnie Jones raked the ground to fill in holes.

President Gene Folger, on the right, discusses the proper layout for the mat.

Jordan King, in the red shirt, drove staples in the edge of the mat to hold it down.

The insects showed up for the night work. They loved the light and crawled down the back of our necks.

Steve Heinze and a helper dug a trench for the edge of the mat to be tucked into.

The crew had to pull the rolls of mat and keep a straight line going all the way across the field.

Gene Folger grabbed another hammer while Doug Blackerby and Archie McCarty filled dirt into the trench after the mat was stapled down.

Doug and Archie are hard at work filling in the trench.

Matt Shirley used a mallet to drive staples in the material on the bottom of the trench

These are just a few of the sand stone rocks that were collected off the runway. The trencher dug up more and the guys had a hard time driving staples since they would hit rocks.

This is the larger trencher that Gene rented to finish the trenches. The smaller trencher’s belt gave up.

It is sun down on the second day and the guys were hard at work.

The guys were preparing for the next strip to be laid. Rocks had to be tossed out of the way. The bucket contained a plastic sealer to be applied to all the seams.

Archie handed Larry Zinn some more staples for the edges. This was the start of installing the 3rd pass of material.

Gene Williams rested on his shovel while the trencher dug.

Jimmy Arevalo drove more staples as Ronnie Jones carefully rolled out more mat.

John Ross had to straighten up and rest for a few seconds before continuing.

The first pass of the mat is complete and the second is going nicely. The third pass is being aligned to start.

Mike Machut is hard at work smoothing the edges.

The 3rd pass of the mat is about half way down and the 4th is on its way.

Larry Zinn takes a break to examine the job.

John Ross drives in a galvanized spike to hold the laps down.

A slight breeze made installing the taxiways a little bid difficult. The wind would lift the material before it could be stapled down.

Once the material was tucked into the trenches a garden hose was used to wet the edges to pack the dirt.

Ronnie Jones, Charlie Manger and Steve Heinze decide where to cut the roll at the end of the taxiway.

Now the guys fastened down the west taxiway.

As the water filled the trenches dirt was shoveled in to pack the edges.
Doug Blackerby and Gene Williams clean up the trencher spoils before the mat can be installed on the west side taxiway.

When we received the additional mat material we installed it at the west end of the runway to complete the strip.