Work details

With a repaired filter housing, the pump is ready to go. Now we need to see if it will put out the pressure. 8-22-12

Mark Gaddis tested the repaired pump system. It looks like there was enough water pressure for the fire house and nozzle.

Mark decided that the pump had enough pressure. It broke a rubber coupler under the car track.

Mark said he will replace the rubber coupler with a slip fix PVC one. It should handle the pump’s water pressure.

There was so much water washing across the runway that it has eroded the soil at the edges of the strip. Mike and Adrianna Machut, John Ross, and Charlie Manger all spent several days moving dirt off the runway.

You can see in this picture where the sand is still patrically covering the landing strip. We may have to use a fire hose to wash it off. Yea, right, then watch it rain again!

This picture shows where the rain washed several holes under the north fence. The water and dirt washed across the flying field runway.

I took some pictures of the flying field with a video camera. When I got home I saw just what we need for an hour or so. It is on the other side of the canal bank!

I had to remove the pump’s filter assembly because the filter was stuck inside and could not be removed to be cleaned. 8-20-12

Here is the filter assembly ready to be loaded. I took it home to be cleaned and repaired.

I found that the PVC threaded end was cracked half way around. I finished it off and removed the filter element. The aluminum cam lock end had corroded so badly that it locked the filter element into the housing.

The corrosion in the aluminum cam lock end was so bad that it was not reusable. I will have to do something else for the filter. I had several quotes for a new end and they were about $70.