Today’s meeting

Here are the minutes from today’s meeting and some attached pics:

Imperial Valley Radio Control Meeting

October 6, 2013

Club Vice President Douglas Blackerby opened the meeting at 9:20am. There were 10 club members attending.

Doug asked if the members present wanted to hold the elections even though the President was not able to attend the meeting. Archie McCarty said that the election were always held in November. Alvin Holdridge gave Doug a copy of the club by-laws. Doug said that since that is what is stated in the by-laws, the club should probably wait until the next meeting before voting. The by-laws also state that the club will meet the second Sunday of each month except for July and August. November 10 will be the next meeting. Alvin gave the Treasurer’s report.


The club members then discussed the need for a trench at North end of the flying field. Alvin said that last weekend he and Gene Williams used an instrument to check the fields slope. He said that a ditch or trench could be made to carry water off to the West like Gene Folger had suggested. Archie said that the original trench had filled in over the years preventing the water from going West. He felt the build up was the reason the border broke allowing water and silt to cover the flying strip. Archie made a motion that the club do whatever it takes to repair the trench. Kevin Johnston seconded the motion. All members present were if favor of the repair. Kevin said he would check into a couple of possible sources for a road grader. The members decided that if no one would donate the use of a grader then the club would have to rent something.

Alvin read an email he had received from Frank Geisler about the TransAmerican Tour 2014. All the members present were in favor of having our club participate. There were questions about when the event would take place and other details. Alvin said that it was still early and that we need to keep checking with the website for news.

Doug asked if we wanted to have a Mall Show again this year. No one said yes or no. Shane Brown said that Phoenix will have an Air Show on November 8 – 10. Ronnie Jones said that Yuma usually has their Fun Fly in December and again in February. Archie said that Yuma has a club size of 150 members in the winter. Mark Gaddis wondered if there was a better way to gain more club members. Some members thought that having a Facebook website might attract more people. Bill Graham said that he had tried to get the club to go on Facebook over a year ago. He said he would try to put the site together again. Doug made a motion with Shane seconding to make a Facebook web page for the club. Everyone voted for having a Club Facebook site. Shane said that it could be linked to the Club’s WordPress site.

Doug said that the combination locks should have a new combination on the first of the New Year. Memberships will need to be current before the new combination can be provided.

Shane and Kevin said that since more and more members are going electric maybe a permanent charge station should be set up at the field. They suggested using solar panels and batteries. The charge station could be available for all members to use. Kevin said he may have a good inexpensive source for some panels. He will let the members know what he finds out later. Alvin said that there is also a generator sitting in the container that members can use. It is a heavy 3500 watt gasoline engine driven unit that runs fine. It would be a good source of power for lights at night. It’s engine exhaust is quite noisy though.

Doug made a motion to end the meeting and Shane seconded it. The meeting was over at 10:45am.

Work Party Today

Hey Gang,

I am attaching some pictures to this email to show what we did today at the flying field. We had a nice day to apply the asphalt sealer. We finished the East half of the runway so the job is now complete. Well it is complete unless we want to coat the taxiways too. Gene went home and brought back his pressure washer. We tried using push brooms to remove silt on the runway but that was a waste of time. I was having trouble with the club’s pump engine. It would only fire on 1 cylinder and the carb was dumping fuel in the engine. After it ran for 10 minutes or so it cleaned up and ran fine. Gene was then able use run his pressure washer and almost finish the clean up with it. Almost. His pressure washer engine quit so he had to revert to the garden hose with a finger over its end method. Anyway we got most of what we had set out to do finished. After the work Gene, and Kevin flew their electric planes and Shane practiced flipping his helicopters.


New toy

After a great day of flying I came home to work on the Sbach. It will be 25% with a 30cc motor and around 10 lbs. Just waiting on a dual servo arm and the motor which should be here this week.