March 2014 FUN FLY!!

March 30th, 2014 — Come and enjoy great friends and fun! We will be doing some fun competitions and open flying too. Just a relaxing day flying at our field. Everyone is welcome. Spectators are free. Pilots are $5 for the day.

Club Stuff

Hey guys,

All flying members, that haven’t already, need to pay their $75 dues this month. The club by laws state that the dues increase by $10 if not paid by December 31. Please make sure your AMA membership is current. All car members need to pay their $20 for next year this month also. We will be changing the gate lock combination after the first of the year and only current members will be given the new combination. If you like you can mail your dues payment to me or stop by the Hobby Shop and leave it there. You should have my mailing address, it is on our club roster. We will have a club meeting this Sunday at 9am. Try to attend. Take a look at the new facebook page that Shane put together for the club. Feel free to join in on the page.

IVRCA November Meeting

Hey Gang,

Here are the minutes from the meeting today. Alvin

Imperial Valley Radio Control

November 10, 2013 Meeting

Club Vice President Douglas Blackerby called the meeting to order at 9:05 am. There were 8 members present.

Secretary/Treasurer Alvin Holdridge read the minutes from the meeting last month. Archie McCarty explained that Kevin Johnston was working to get a ditch made on the north side of the flying field.

The club officer election was held. The club members said that Alvin would continue as Secretary/Treasurer for another year.

John Ross nominated Doug for Vice President and Archie seconded the nomination. All members voted to keep Doug on for another year.

Archie nominated Kevin Johnston for Club President. John Ross seconded the nomination and all the members present voted for Kevin. Kevin will be President.

John Ross said that tomorrow he and Gene Williams will paint the stripes and circle on the landing strip. The old stripes were covered by the black coating we applied to protect the mat. Doug said he will contact Gene Folger to get the key for resetting the combination locks. A new combination will be given the club members next year. Doug said that we need to remind members that they need to pay their dues before the end of December. Flying members pay $75 per year and will be charged $10 more if not paid before the first of the year. This is in the club bilaws. Car members need to be paid up also before the first of January.

All Club Members are invited to attend the annual IVRCA Club Christmas Party. We have a tentative date of December 14 picked. This will be an evening meal. We will know more about where it will be held later. We are thinking about having Carnie Asada with a pot luck style get together. Ronnie Jones said he could pick up the meat. Gene Williams said he had heard that Ramey’s Meat was going out of business. We purchased meat there in the past. Doug said he will find out about where we can have the party. Members will be notified later with more details. John Ross said he could get some tables and chairs if we needed them.

A guest, Alfred Prud’Honne, thanked the club for allowing him to visit and explained what it was like to fly at his club in Burlington, Mass. It was very interesting.

Doug made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Ronnie seconded it. The meeting ended at 9:40am.

Today at the airport

Hi gang,

Today at the Imperial Airport we set up 3 pop-up shades north of the parking lot. Take a look at the pictures.